Monday, 29 December 2014

#19 - Review of the Year Part One with Franco Milazzo and Holli-Mae Johnson!

This is a SUPER SPECIAL PODCAST EPISODE!! Rosie has the privilege of chatting for hours with the people behind the websites: Holli-Mae Johnson from 21st Century Burlesque and Franco Milazzo from This is Cabaret for a festive review of what's been great in 2014 (and some hints at what 2015 might hold). This first part is all about the shows. Shows shows shows. And performers. We love them. So we talked about: What Do Critics Do; Fetishistic Fans; Banks of Knowledge; Know What You’re Looking At; Archiving and Recording; THE SHOWS!; Circusfest; Mimetic Festival; Vaults Festival 2015; Red Bastard Changes You; MimeticFest Awards; How Much We Love Anna Lou; Cabaret des Distractions; Reuben Kaye; Lady Rizo; Baby Lame; Miss Behave’s Gameshow; Alternative Eurovision; London Wonderground; La Soiree; Scottee; Mrs Hudson’s Christmas Corker/Spymonkey; Fascinating Aida; A Load of Crepe by The Late Night Shop Cabaret; Monica Salvi; Midnight Circus; Chrisalys; Greenwich Circus Festival; Circus Space/National Centre for Circus Arts; The Chap Olympiad; Blitz Party; SS Atlantica; Boom & Bang Circus at the Roundhouse; Phil InGud; Barelesque; Between the Sheets; Curiosity Cabaret; Des O’Connor; Dr. Clive’s Circus; The Old Operating Theatre; The Middle of the Road; Bourgeois & Maurice and David Hoyle; Royal Vauxhaull Tavern; White Mischief; EastEnd Cabaret – Sexual Tension; Cabaret at Scarfe’s Bar; Dusty Limits and Lili La Scala; Vicky Butterfly; Another Fucking Variety Show; Briefs!; Esquire deLune; House of Burlesque; Tempest Rose; Bettsie Bon Bon; Scarlett O’Hora; Rubyyy Jones’ Young Feminist Whores; Bonnie Fleur; Pi the Mime; Meth & The Meth Lab; Lolo Brow & Cabaret Derangium; Are You Game… Stay Tuned for Part Two!

About Franco:Since 2012, Franco Milazzo has been the publisher and editor-in-chief of This Is Cabaret, the only website shortlisted for a London Cabaret Award. The Daily Beast called him "a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of the city's cabaret culture," which was kind of them. When not penning withering or enthusiastic reviews for TIC of whichever show he stayed awake through the previous night, he can be found writing music, comedy, opera, theatre and food for Londonist. This votary of cabaret enjoys good books and walks by the sea.

About Holli:Holli-Mae Johnson is the founder and editor of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, a pioneering publication created seven years ago to unite, document and celebrate the global burlesque community. Holli is actively involved in the burlesque community on a day to day basis and is privately consulted by performers and producers at every level for promotion, critique, recommendations and encouragement. As a documenter and critic, she has seen countless burlesque and variety performances from across the world and provides an intimate perspective and insight into the lives and careers of burlesque’s greatest pioneers, performers and personalities.Website:

Saturday, 20 December 2014

#18 - Notre Petite Gamine Anna Lou Larkin Waxes Lyrical

Photo by Rhinoa's Photography

This week, Rosie and Anna Lou spent more time talking off-mic than on mic. However, they did manage to podcast about: Getting Away With It; Child Drama; Performing and Improvising in French; Rending Yourself Unemployable; Remedial Drama Classes; Wanting to be Pushed; Work to Live VS Live to Work; Children and Gin; Social Media Makes You Look Busy; Languages and Communication; Too Young for Drama School; Gilbert & Sullivan; The Socially Acceptable Face of Writing Poetry; Attractive Pressure; Learning From Failure; Wasting a Brest Year in French Coventry; Self-Consciously Parisian; Scottish Science Bee; Mechanical Statue in Whitby; Studying Your Weaknesses; Lecoq - Who is He?; Audition in Festival Mode; Improvising in French; Stage Persona VS Charatcer; First Cabaret Gig; Limitations and Benefits of Casting; Accidental Resident; Once A Month Challenge; Confused Kids and Sleepy Achievements; RIP Madam Jojo's; Relentlessly Positive.

About Anna Lou:
Anna Lou Larkin is a teller of tales, a squeezer of boxes and a lover of ridiculous rhymes. Originally from Glasgow, she has made her way to the London cabaret scene through Shakespeare, TIE and a stint as a very ghoulish Scot at the Edinburgh Dungeons. Armed with a cheeky French degree and a love of all things Gallic and silly, the licentious French wordsmith Anna Lou was born. Resident at Cabaret Roulette for the past 2 years, she has recently debuted her first full solo hour "Anna Lou's Contes D'amour" at Mimetic Festival, which you'll be able to see at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.



Saturday, 22 November 2014

#17 - Fingers in Many Pies: Alexander Parsonage is Politically Savvy and Artistically Astute

This week Rosie goes underground to chat with Alexander Parsonage about: Finger in the Pie; Quitting Art School; Conceptual, Philosophical, Political; The Bollocks Myth of the Lone Genius; Hooked on Directing; KneeHigh Theatre and Magic; Bleed the University Dry; Post-University Company in Crisis; The Great Tragedy of English Theatre Education; Unhealthy Actor Lifestyle; External Revenue Source; Space and Time is Precious; Overnight Success in Cabaret; Good Direction Versus Terrible Direction; Theatre of Cold Backstage Brutality; Backing a Good Horse; Overnight Success to Overnight Flop; Threats of Litigation Lead to Breakthroughs; Publication Confusion; Cabaret =/= Theatre or Standup; The Bubble Hasn't Burst; Big Cabaret Umbrella; How Do We Survive??; European Models, Money and Barriers; International Embarrassment and Value; Low Pay No Pay and How Do We Celebrate Good Collaboration?; The Myth of the Producer; Theatre Makers = Entrepreneurs; Day Job Stigma; English Theatre is the Best in the World; Not Interested in Politics; Effective Political Voice for the Arts; Theatre About Emotion; Concurrent Realities; What Makes it All Worth It.

About Alexander:
Alexander is an award winning theatre director and co-founder of Finger in the Pie. He has worked extensively in clown, mime, visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret. His clown production – Sweeney Todd: His Life, Times and Execution! was shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award in 2009 and his follow up production Waiting for Stanley was listed in the top 10 best reviewed shows of Edinburgh 2012. He is currently working on the Mimetic Festival 2014. Alexander trained in theatre creation at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) a Lecoq based pedagogy in London.

Mimetic: 17 - Alexander Parsonage.mp3

Saturday, 15 November 2014

#16 - The Quintuple Threat That Is Rubyyy Jones

Inspiring and inspired human performance tornado Rubyyy Jones hashes it out with Rosie this week on SO MANY TOPICS! They are: Fluid Performance Artistry; Compartmentalised Training; Six Hundred Applicants, Thirty Places; Triple Threats and Triple Pirouettes; Peers Are Teachers Too; Christmas Graduates and Cocaine; Segregated From the World; Smash Your Own Space!; You Can Do What You Want in Cabaret As Long As It's Considered; Career By Numbers; PrePrepared Life in the UK (Kinda); Seeing ALL of Canada... Seeing Too Much of Canada; Know Your Enemy a.k.a Being an Agent; Sad in a Gorgeous Appartment; Not a Nun Kinda Gal; Finding Your Voice(Over); Finding Your Written Voice; Pressure to be a Yes Man; Sticking to Your Guns and Being Willful; Sexual Awakenings Through Celibacy; Masturbation for SCIENCE; Falling in Love With Your Body; Expectations Surrounding Sex; A Force of Nature; LAZER TORNADO!; Living Too Much as Your Persona; Save Rubyyy Jones; Conversations With the Universe; Critique Sandwich; Tournament of Tease; Not Limited by Personal Brand; Cabatheatre; English Breakfast Bathroom; Slow and Steady; Barter Systems; Safe Stages and Winning People Over.

About Rubyyy
Rubyyy Jones is an all singing, dancing, stripping force of nature! A big fat fabulous queer Canadian with an extensive theatre and dance background she has been smashing up the cabaret scene for the last four years as a solo artist, compere, writer, activist, choreographer and mentor. An award winning performer, ranked Top 20 in the UK in 21st Century Burlesque list 2014, and an innovative producer, profiled in The Sunday Times Magazine, Rubyyy brings her brand of love, lust and light with flare, glitter and fight.

Mimetic Festival:

Friday, 7 November 2014

#15 - Breaking out of the Box: Pi the Mime

Rosie sits down with Pi the Mime and his translator, Alexander Luttley, to talk about many mimey topics: Multiple Mimes; Not a Biochemist; Learning Multiple Mime Styles; No Hablo Espanol; The Only Discipline With No Words; Mimetic Proposals; Making a Show Quickly; All the Mimes; Multiple Mime Disorder; Mime Gender and Moving Around; Who Are You Sleeping With?; Labels Labels Labels; Expectations and Individuality; Powerful Labels or Restrictive Labels; Tribal, Social Animals Called Humans; Too Much Focus on Labels; Being Bad at Expected Behaviours; The Circle; All Lesbians Carry Lighters; The Gender-Bending, Burlesque Dancing Mime and the Catholic Priest; Accidental Gender Comments; Assumptions; Playing with Ideas and Cabaret Roulette (again!!); Arguing with Pi; Improv With Yourself; The Triangle; Kinsey, Scales and Volume Control; The Best Identity Crisis Ever; Cabaret is the Best; What Happened to Fun?; Exploration and Failure; Finger in the Pie; Performance Course with Pi; Carpeted Stages and Mime Murder; Audience Interaction Gets Cheeky.

About Pi the Mime:
 Pi the Mime steps straight out of internationally trained performance artist Alexander Luttley’s imagination and onto any stage that’ll have him. Combining mime, clown, various forms of dance, circus and burlesque, Pi and the mimes have burst onto the scene with a full length production and a variety of sketches that have appeared all across the UK Cabaret and Theatre scene. As they approach a year and a half they also embark on a journey as ‘teachers’, combining Luttley’s wealth of training with what has become the recognisable Pi the mime style. With a passion for performance and an avid interest in fighting the restricitions of social labels upon the individual, Luttley and Pi look forward to popping up more often, and returning with Award Winning Production – Un Cas de Nostalgie – at Mimetic Festival 2014 in The Vaults (from 20th – 28th November 9:50pm).
Pi and the Mimes can be seen at events including Cabaret Roulette, Luscious Cabaret, Whatnot Cabaret and Oh My Cabaret; at venues including Madame Jojo’s, House of Wolf, Shoreditch Town Hall, The Vaults and Roxy Bar and Screen; and alongside companies including Finger in the Pie, Juliette’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus and RIFT.

Mimetic Festival:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special announcement!

Hello friends!

Hope you're all enjoying the fabulous fruits of this quirky little podcast. Little moment of shameless self-promotion here, seeing as I run this damn blog. I'm starting a theatre company! And I need YOUR help!

We have SEVEN DAYS left of our Kickstarter campaign to kick this baby into high gear. Our show is a modern re-imagining of Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher. Expect spills, thrills and chills as we stage an hour's worth of disturbing psychological horror as part of the London Horror Festival, 2014.

We have a wickedly talented cast, and we're hoping that this project is just the beginning. Since we're trying to raise such a small amount, literally any size of pledge will help us and make a huge impact.

Thank you all, dear listeners, for your continued support. You mean the world to me.

Biggest love,

Saturday, 11 October 2014

#14 - Cabaret: The Physical Act - A LIVE Show with Lolo Brow, Lady May Den-Voyage, Dott Cotton and Pretty Miss Cairo

Rosie Kohl podcasts in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE at the Cabaret Convention (organised by the inimitable Paul L Martin). She chats to Lolo Brow, Lady May Den-Voyage, Dott Cotton and Pretty Miss Cairo about how we respond to bodies in performance; they way we present gender as artistes; what makes sideshow compelling and why would you want to do it; and about education and respect on the circuit with a little audience Q & A at the end! 14 - LIVE with Lolo Brow%2C Lady.mp3

Saturday, 4 October 2014

#13 - It's All Fun and Pain: Lou Safire's Tales of Twisted Boylesque

Photo by

This week Rosie gets down to brass tacks with Lou Safire, boylesquer, sideshow performer and all around ace person. They talk about: Early Dance Days; Being a Gobby Shite; Transatlantic Romance; Airport Security Games; Fear of Flying; Muggle Jobs; Body Mod Burly Crossover; Tattooed Mama; Burlesque By Numbers; Finding Your Own Style; Squeamish Freakshow Performer; WARNING: There will be blood; Your Ass is Glass; Self Teaching Important Lessons; Fire Safety; How to Perform Dangerous Things Safely; Rehearsing Onstage; Starting the International Circuit; The Gypsy Lifestyle; Drunk Podcasting Plans!

About Lou Safire
96% Extrovert, 4% Polyester.
May cause nausea and short range radio interference if used incorrectly. 
Not suitable for children Under the age of 18.
Hand wash only!
Born somewhere between London and Hell, international vaudevillian Lou Safire has been strutting his stuff across nation since 2008. Working on new and unusual burlesque projects with a bohemian streak, Lou is trained in many aspects of dance, bringing this to the stage through his routines involving strip tease and fan dancing. Not one to shy away from the heat, Lou's fire performances leave you red hot. Using classic routines, Lou's lust for the darker side of vaudeville takes him to a new level combining circus skills with traditional freak show stunts.




Ello: www. 13 - Lou Safire.mp3

Monday, 29 September 2014

#12 - Miss Glory Pearl Reveals Everything

Photo by Sin Bozkurt

This week Rosie talks to the sensational Miss Glory Pearl about many topics: Performance Artistry but Not the Vagina Kind; Saddle Up; Blagging Academia; Teacher to Stripper; Yoga Wanker; Taking Care of Yourself; Sexy Pole vs Sporty Pole; Humans Are Sexy; Sacred Women Goddess Energy; Sanitized Sexuality in Burlesque; Strip Club Preconceptions Shattered; Ostracising Sexy People; Cookie Cutters and Comic Burlesque; Burlesque Purists; Don't Apologise for Anything; Getting into Circus; Waxed Stage of Doom; Enforced Vulnerability and Questioning Your Identity; Hosting Marathon; Comedy Clothing Conundrum; The Way Burlesque Has Changed; The Naked Stand up; Ring of Shame and Acceptance; Einstein's Eyebrow Issues; Media Coverage; Don't Read the Comments!; Floodgates Are Open Now; Philosophical Titting About Onstage.

About Miss Glory Pearl:
Miss Glory Pearl is a burlesque maverick; part clown, part acrobat, part showgirl, she creates genre-defying acts that blend traditional British burlesque, pole dance, static trapeze and aerial hoop with humour, sparkle, and a healthy dose of British self-deprecation. She began performing professionally in 2008, won a Best UK Newcomers award at the 2009 London Burlesque Festival and has since appeared at burlesque festivals and prestigious venues across the globe. A regular feature of the UK cabaret scene, Miss Pearl is an accomplished compere, stand-up comedian, character comedian, and burlesque and cabaret artist. In 2014 she wrote and produced her first one-woman stand-up comedy show, The Naked Stand Up, which garnered critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show, which is performed naked throughout, is a funny and heart-felt exploration of body issues and beauty in the twenty-first century that will be performed on 18th November, 8:30pm in The Vaults at Waterloo as part of the Mimetic Festival in London.


Mimetic Festival (performance on November 18th, 8:30pm): 13 - Glory Pearl Test.mp3

Friday, 19 September 2014

#11 - Dancewhore, Libertine, Actor, Drag Queen: the Multifaceted Michael Twaits


Rosie has the immense pleasure of getting to chat to the excessively talented Michael Twaits. Topics include: Drag as a Child; Drama Schooling; Year Out But Not Off; Life in LA; Inside Out not Outside In; Plastic Surgery Culture; Bizarre Casting Decisions; Making your Own Showcase; Assessed Gin & Tonics; 'End of the Pier' Drag; Soho Theatre; TimeOut LGBT Loss; RuPaul Gets Fishy; Changing Scenes and Performance Art; Lipsync is BACK; Performance Art in the Drag Arena; Pounding Faces; Occupying a Niche; Taking the Fear Out of Drag; New Show With Money; Mentors Sowing Seeds; Seven Year Regeneration; Best & Worst Onstage Moments; Don't Applaud That Cunt; Variable Drag Queen Workshop Time.

About Michael:
Michael Twaits is a performance artist, actor and writer, and his work focuses on combining live art, cabaret and theatre. He has created various solo theatre works including: Confessions of a Dancewhore (Trafalgar Studios/OvalHouse & Tour) Icons (Soho theatre), The One You Love (OvalHouse), The Red Shoes (Mimetic) and is currently developing new full length follow/sequel up to Confessions. As an actor Michael's appeared in NBC's Dracula, films like 'What You Looking At?' and 'The Hindsight Bias'. Michael's a veteran of the London Cabaret Scene and you can catch him regularly at Cellar Door, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Madame Jojos. Sometimes in sequins, sometimes not.

Drag Workshops:
New show:

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Friday, 12 September 2014

#10 - Little Lady Luscious Gets to the Point(e)

A long time friend and cabaret pal, Little Lady Luscious, sits down with Rosie for a good old chat. Topics include: Ballet Days; Pro Stage Management; Prettiest Street in Newcastle; Best Secret Santa Ever; Taking Over the Road; Preferential Van Treatment; International Creativity; Racially Insensitive Ballet; Enjoying Yourself; Disney Burlesque; Backstage Cameraderie; Interesting Stages; Producing Journeys and Going Back Up Ladders; Sneezy the Dwarf; Rosie Reveals a Worst Moment; Amazing Performers at LLL's New Cabaret Night; Gin and Glitter.

About Little Lady Luscious:
Possibly the world’s tinest dancer, a beautiful Ballet and Burlesque performer.  Little Lady Luscious began life as Little Miss in New Zealand as a classical Burlesque performer.  On her return to the UK she changed her name and style.  Trained in Classical Ballet she has returned to her roots and her routines are now performed en pointe.  As a ballerina she fell in love with her pointe shoes.  So she dusted them off and began to combine Classical Ballet and Classical Burlesque.  Creating beautiful routines which tell stories of love, loss, strength and Doctor Who.

A regular performer at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell and Battersea Mess and Music Hall.  She has performed all over London in such places as Madame JoJos, Paper Dress Vintage, Roxy Bar and Screen and Battersea Barge.  She has performed at Cabaret Roulette, Finger in the Pie Cabaret, Cheese n’ Crackers, Cavalcade of Cabaret, the World Burlesque Games and London Burlesque Festival.

Luscious Cabaret:

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Friday, 5 September 2014

#9 - Canada's Finest Export Vivacity Bliss Produces the Goods

Rosie and Vivacity spend a lot of this podcast nerding out about theatre and performance. This week's topics include: Producing; Finishing a Performance Career; Not a Natural Redhead; Being Big in Ipswich; Theatre as an Athletic Pursuit; Making Out with Movie Stars; Balloon Bopping; Foresight; How to Avoid Future Bitterness; Moving to Mexico - and then London; Becoming a Burlesquer; Challenging Your Relationship With Your Body; Owning an Idea; Birthing Roulette; Artist or Performer?; Lilly Snatchdragon as Compere!; Intergalactic and Philip K Dick; Killing Vivacity; Being Proud of Your Work.

About Vivacity:Now most known as the producer of Cabaret Roulette, Vivacity Bliss has stolen hearts and teased minds with her intelligent, sexy brand of cabaret, gorgeous voice and inimitable sense of humour. With a wealth of experience in theatre - both front and back of house - and not one, but TWO Masters degrees, this lady is a fabulous, vibrant presence on the UK cabaret circuit and goddammit are we gonna keep her! Even if she does have it out for cute baby seals.

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Friday, 29 August 2014

#8 - She's a SuperFreak; Aurora Galore Gets Weird & Wonderful

Backstage at the Wonderground and Rosie and Aurora get down to it, weirdo to weirdo. Topics covered include: Triple Threats; Being in an Ensemble; Beginning Burlesque; Student Cushion; English Lit Geek Out; Burlesque Book Club; Following your Dream; Getting a Residency; Big Fish, Small Pond; Being Weird; Uncomfortable Realisations; Fresh Start Means More Freak; Get Inspired; Fire Fire Fire; Producing; The Power of the Mouth; The Three Serpent Circus.

About Aurora:
Winner of 'Most Innovative' Performer 2014 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Aurora Galore has been Voted one of the Top 20 UK Burlesque Performers via in 2014. She was also the Winner of Stockholm Burlesque Festival's Tassel Twirling Competition in 2013 and the Winner of Miss Paris Burlesque Festival in 2012. She is an exciting tattooed Fire and Burlesque Performer whose influences stem from Lady GaGa, Haute Couture and a wide range of dance styles. Her performances vary from dark, outlandish dance acts to fire breathing finales and burlesque parodies. Aurora has a contemporary aesthetic, a modern soundtrack, and energetic acts that are full of power and pizzazz.
Having performed on stages since the age of five, Aurora is a vivacious and exuberant entertainer whose edgy stage presence allows for both controversy and appreciation. With a combination of dance, fire and a crazy persona, Aurora is able to be an ‘electrifying 
tour de force in aggressive sensuality, brimming with the confident exuberance’ of an artiste.Aurora arrived on the scene in 2010, and has evolved in aggression, power and art. The ‘petite powerhouse’ has a style ‘still rare in London’s vintage-dominated burlesque scene and remains a unique treat' to all that watch her. Her acts portray a modern take on burlesque and illustrates a captivating sense of disruptive madness!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

#7 - Powerhouse Paul L Martin Discusses Drag & Dichotomies

Paul L Martin and Rosie sit down for a chat about all things deliciously different. This week's topics include: Being precocious; drama school drama; picking yourself up again; proving yourself; cheese dipped in mayonnaise; gaining perspective; finding your spiritual home; finding your other spiritual home; cafe connections; drag, diamonds and dirt; the darkness behind the glitter; sparkle & sawdust; being an agent; the Battersea Barge; what's on the agenda next...
About Paul:
Paul L Martin is the director of entertainment agency Excess All Areas and founder of the London Cabaret Awards.  An award-winning performer in his own right, he has worked in the industry for over 20 years as an actor, singer, producer, promoter and agent.  He has appeared as a TV talent show judge on Sky TV and created the role of Philip Salon for the Boy George musical TABOO.   Paul has shared stages with Matt Lucas, Elton John, Dame Edna, Cleo Laine and Sheryl Crow.  He teaches regularly on the art of cabaret - most noticeably with the Singers’ Cabaret Workshop  - as well as in drama schools across the country.  Paul has also written many articles and contributed to reference books on the art of cabaret.  In Time Out’s 40th birthday edition Paul was recognised for ‘his unwavering dedication to our musical and cabaret scene’; In 2006 The Stage called him ‘A King of Cabaret’ and in 2012 he was awarded the ‘Best Producer – Cabaret’ award by fringereport. There is practically nothing Paul doesn't do, and quite frankly I have no idea how he ever sleeps.

Twitter: @PaulLMartinsays

Tickets to all the shows:

Excess All Areas:

The Cabaret Convention:

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

#6 - The Fabric of Time: Odelia Opium Talks Sparkles and Stripping

Rosie and Odelia sit in her lavish studio full of sparkly costumes and talk about lots of sparkly stuff. Topics include: Living in a small town; making stuff from scratch; horrible mistakes; giant leaps; just doing it; romance!; silk dresses on the floor; Londoners love dressing up; fancy rich people houses; getting into Burlesque; ill fitting corsets; The Opium Den; community spirit; switching venues; The Opium Den returns; the WORST thing that can happen to a lady; being supported by your friends.


About Odelia Opium:
Born in the gutter, but looking at the stars, Miss Odelia Opium is a London-based burlesque performer inspired by the Jazz Age, Weimar Cabaret, the Ziegfeld Follies, decadent Victoriana and 18th century pop culture. Specializing in historical themes and period costume, she is the intoxicating time-traveller straight from the 1920s underworld!

Since 2011 she has performed at many renowned venues across London and the UK. Her unique, story-telling routines are sure to excite every audience and give you a history lesson of the sexy kind!

She is also a highly experienced maker and designer of costumes, ranging from historically accurate period costumes to modern day burlesque.  

The Opium Den:

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

#5 - Cooling Off with SuperFans Jim & Kim

Far left: Kim Roberts; Far Right: James Lee. Dead Centre: KATIE!
Taken at Cabaret Roulette's first birthday show by Rhinoa's Photography

This week Rosie has the absolute privilege of hanging out with some of the biggest fans and loveliest personalities on the London cabaret scene. They chat about: people who hate cabaret; future guests; what the scene is like; London's Lucha Libre; Benjamin Louche of the silver tongue; Your First Time; Burlesque herpes; never being alone; cabaret mafia; Benjamin Louche *again*; knowing your audience; being The Victim of a Show; when should you clap; what makes a good act; The Dark Arts; needles (sorry!); putting yourself into your act; what would make you want to see a show; friends tell friends about cabaret; sketchy mormons; extreme enthusiasm; life as a blur; cabaret flowers fix bad days.

James Lee:
London Cabaret Award nominee James Lee fell into the world of cabaret by accident in 2012 and hasn’t been able to get back out. He’s been a barely-competent doorman, a very amateur photographer and even occasionally has dabbled in the art of boylesque. Mostly though he can be seen in the audience of a show, along with a group of people he has dragged along with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Somehow this all resulted in him being nominated for a London Cabaret Award (Unsung Hero Category) in 2014. In what’s left of his spare time he likes to talk at people about beer, and allegedly does something related to climate change on weekdays. He was also nominated for a London Cabaret Award.

Kim Roberts:Kim is a creative soul and a lover of all things shiny. She stumbled upon the wonderful world of cabaret seemingly by accident by doing a favour to a friend. She has photographed some wonderfully talented performers and made a great number of friends who are now at the top of her imaginary Christmas card list! 3 years later, blinded by sequins and glitter, Kim is unable to stay away from the bright lights of vaudeville and loves to get into the spirit of things - vodka, gin, rum etc.! Kim is currently an unemployed schmo so if you want to take pity on her and offer her free tickets to your show in exchange for whoops and cheers, she can be found on Facebook! (Kim also thinks she is funny!)

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Friday, 1 August 2014

#4 - Carmen Mon Oxide, the Gateway Drug

This week Cabaret Opera singer Carmen Mon Oxide tells Rosie all about her life as a punk-loving, opera-singing cabaret performer. Topics covered include: bee-ing in an old people's home; pretending; shit choirs; being an Explainer; living in interesting places; awful offices; made up life structures; having BALLS; Cabaret Doctor; just doing it; sideshow disasters. Bonus - why Mozart is rubbish! Once you start listening you may never be able to stop...

About Carmen Mon Oxide: 

Carmen Mon Oxide is a London-based performer who combines all the best elements of opera with the excitement and glamour of the cabaret.

Providing singing which is at times hauntingly beautiful, and at others wildly funny, Carmen Mon Oxide is an incredibly versatile performer, as much at home with the music of classical composers such as Bizet and Verdi as she is with big, bold cabaret numbers. Her range of styles offer music to suit a range of events, each tinged with her distinct style of London humour and pure class. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the best cabaret opera act in town!

Twitter: @CarmenMonOxide
Facebook Page

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Friday, 25 July 2014

#3 - Seven Trick Pony: Gemma Layton Talks Characters and Comedy

In this week's episode of the Vaudeville Broadcast, Rosie Kohl chats to character comedienne Gemma Layton about lots of things. Highlights include: TIE flying low; University vs. Drama School; showing your hands to strangers; open mic nights - risk and reward; EXTREME LONELINESS; laughing in the face of death; Going Viral; Shopping in Lidl; FunBags; Netflix ruining productivity; crying in the dark; the Edinburgh Fringe; seeking validation from strangers; social awkwardness; being really, really lazy; and tits. 

Note From Rosie: Sorry about the sound quality in some bits! Interviewing in a busy bar after a show is not the best for podcasting. Hopefully our content makes up for it... 

About Gemma Layton: 
Gemma Layton is f'in awesome and you should check out her website for all the amazing things she does. Actress, Comedian, Writer, generally quite amazing person. Her comedy alter-ego, Mercedes Benson, went viral last year with Youtube Hit 'Shopping in Lidl' which you can see here:

Twitter: @flutterbyjunkie
Edinburgh Show:
Mercedes Benson introduces five of her closest friends…well, close-ish…ok, she hardly knows them. But she has it on good authority that they’re alright.

Be dazzled by the sparkling Beverley Vegas, have your life transformed by Carol-Ann, get yourself a lucrative little sideline courtesy of Lady Gallop, ponder life-beyond earth or simply enjoy afternoon tea with Jennifer. A multi-media character comedy show with songs and sandwiches.

Mercedes’ alter-ego, Gemma Layton, is a Laughing Horse and Funny Woman semi-finalist and her music video “Shopping in Lidl” recently went viral… in a good way.

AUGUST 1st - 23rd August (8th, 13th, 20th off) 2.30pm - Edinburgh Fringe, Part of La Favorita Freestival
St John's: Space 2, 9 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2HE. Venue 202


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Saturday, 19 July 2014

#2 - Tangerino Events: A Circus Emerges
Rosie talks to emerging circus and visual arts company Tangerino! Lil & Kitty share insights on arty families; sibling collaboration; living in hessian; moving to the big smoke; Giffords Circus; making circus harder; traditional and new companies; paying people properly and their show The Red Shoes!
About Tangerino:
is a young and innovative events company that offers Londoners the chance to spend an evening immersed in some of the city’s freshest new talent.
Following their debut the sisters launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their next event The Red Shoes performed by Tangerino which will be taking place in the Waterloo Vaults from the 22nd-24th July. Again inspired by an Anderson tale the tunnels under Waterloo will be transformed into a haunting fairytale land where the worlds of art, circus, singing and theatre collide.
Part promenade, part circus show guests will be led through the eerie tunnels to witness the work of 16 circus acts, artists and musicians who have been working closely together over the last 6 months in order to create 3 nights of remarkable entertainment. Young contortionists, acrobats and rope artists have been carefully paired up with contemporary live musicians and illustrators in order to produce original collaborative pieces in response to one of five themes taken from ‘The Red Shoes’ fairytale.

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About your host, Rosie Kohl:Gypsy, circus freak, musician, dancer; Rosie travels the globe as something of an artistic nomad, performing for all and sundry. It started when she picked up a violin as a child and began scratching away and has grown into the multi-disciplinary hydra you see before you, a monstrous fusion of belly dance, live music and good old-fashioned theatrics.
She has performed extensively in London and the UK with brief forays into Times Square, New York and Las Vegas, the shiniest cities of them all. Sometimes she takes up with travelling circuses, and sometimes she runs dance workshops, and sometimes she sits in her studio wondering why she is writing her bio in third person.

This is a baby podcast, and we'd like you to help us nourish it into a strong, fully-fledged adult podcast. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please either comment on the blog below, or SEND ROSIE AN EMAIL!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Podcast the First: Fire, Fusion and Essential Life Skills with Trixi Tassels

In this inaugural episode of the podcast, Rosie and Trixi chat about learning bellydance in New Zealand; going over to the dark side; belly vs. burly; tassel twirling and giant tits; professional polish; what makes a good performer; essential tips for making good fusion; burlesque boot camp; and the essential question: Why do artists Art?

About Trixi:
With her cheeky personality and killer curves, Trixi Tassels defected from the bellydance camp in 2008 and joined the hedonistic world of burlesque peelers and shakers. Quite possibly the most talented tassel twirler performing today, her skills of single, double, syncronised and alternating twirls must be seen to be believed. Discovering that everything is more fun when you set it on fire, her signature fire-strip involves burning off her corset and setting her tassels ablaze! Trixi has wowed audiences around the world including Stockholm, Paris, Hamburg & Melbourne and is currently based in London, UK. Visit her website for more info, upcoming performances and loads of amazing pictures and video, find her on twitter, or mosey on over to her facebook fan page!

About your host, Rosie Kohl:Gypsy, circus freak, musician, dancer; Rosie travels the globe as something of an artistic nomad, performing for all and sundry. It started when she picked up a violin as a child and began scratching away and has grown into the multi-disciplinary hydra you see before you, a monstrous fusion of belly dance, live music and good old-fashioned theatrics.
She has performed extensively in London and the UK with brief forays into Times Square, New York and Las Vegas, the shiniest cities of them all. Sometimes she takes up with travelling circuses, and sometimes she runs dance workshops, and sometimes she sits in her studio wondering why she is writing her bio in third person.

This is a baby podcast, and we'd like you to help us nourish it into a strong, fully-fledged adult podcast. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please either comment on the blog below, or SEND ROSIE AN EMAIL!