Friday, 30 January 2015

#23 - Thai Beginnings to Happy Endings with Lilly SnatchDragon

This week, Rosie and Lilly discuss the very important topic of how to get a UK Passport, as well as: Thai Lady; Best Weight Loss; Eco-Friendly Washing Machines; Pride and Prejudice; The Three Aspects of Lilly; Attention Grabbing Hooker; World Theatre Vs. Acting; Creative Geniuses and Roleplay Games; Forgetting Stage Combat is Pretend Fighting; Chinese Water Sleeves; Jack of All Trades; Did He SAY That?!; Eyes Wide Open; Total Life Turn Around; Surprise Prejudice; Western Stereotypical Views of East Asian Women; Racism Actually Happens; Being From Everywhere; England is COLD; Interesting Interpretation of Finders Keepers; Saving Up for Burlesque; Burlesque with Traditional Art Forms; What Do You Find Offensive Onstage; Rubyyy and Cairo Co-Opt Lilly; Limitations We Place On Ourselves; Body Image; Friends Feeding Confidence; Not In the Memo; English Breakfast; Baked Bean Phobia; Kittening; Creating a Character; Calling Out Racists; Lilly is Filthy; How Far Can I Push It; Drag as Abstract; SM to Compere; No Longer a SideKick; Lilly Lab!; Kudos for Comperes; Loads of Exciting Stuff Happening; Stage Euphoria; Bad is Not Bad; See Lilly Live!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

#22 - Peeking Behind the Sparkly Mask of Marcus Reeves

This week, Rosie and Marcus find out surprising connections and have a good old chat all about: Jack of All Trades; Shiny Distractions; YouTube And the Rise of the Digital Artist; Immediate Feedback and Global Reach; Internet Arguments and Trends; Staying or Leaving Facebook; Personal Page VS Persona Page; YouTube and Creative Content; Filming Live Experiences; Invasive Photography; Rant Detour!; Arty Childhood; Textiles and Acting; The Brillo Pad of Drama School; Music Obsession Not Helping Going to Art School; Sister Wendy the Musical; Sick of Nuns; How Do You Fit In Cabaret; Southbank Centre Unlocks a Block; Shouting into a Void; Depression and Mental Health; See it Through; Making a Music Video; Advice on Motivations; Editing takes AGES; You’re Always DOING Something!; Holiday Guilt; Freelancer Lifestyle VS Mortgages Cats and Babies Syndrome; Youtube Channel like a TV Channel; Content is King; Let’s Talk about Sexxx With Rubyyy Jones!; The Internet is Amazing; Jealousy is Not About You; Give Yourself the Permission; There is Nothing to Stop You Doing It; Artistic Life Comes Full Circle; Walking Out with No Bow; At Least the Ceiling Was Secure; Rosie’s Brain Signs Off Early.

About Marcus Reeves
Writer and performer Marcus Reeves’ performance career spans work as an actor, stand-up comic, singer songwriter and performance poet. As part of London’s alternative cabaret scene he has performed alongside such luminaries as David Hoyle, Dickie Beau and Jonny Woo to name a few.

Through Mary King’s Voicelab, Marcus has performed at the Royal Festival Hall with Mercury Music Prize winners Elbow, jazz improvisation icon Bobby McFerrin and supported New York a capella group Naturally Seven in a choir led by UK jazz legend Ian Shaw. More recently he joined the London Gay Mens Chorus to sing on the debut EP from Fingersnap, the new project from David McAlmont and Guy Davies, sang in Our Lady J’s ‘Train-To-Kill’ gospel choir at Soho Theatre and supported Rupaul’s Drag Race star Adore Delano at The Meth Lab.

Mixing his roots as a singer songwriter with influences from musical theatre, pop, rock and dance music, Marcus has recently found his true voice with his own brand of ‘nouveau cabaret’ (as described by Vince Clarke of Erasure). With live performances, readings and screenings of his work at venues including BAC, the Cochrane Theatre, the Kings Head, the Southbank Centre and the ICA, Marcus continues to establish a firm reputation as a versatile man of words and music.

His debut solo album Quicksilver - The Masquerade Macabre is available now from the shop. He is currently developing a new song cycle The Dark Side of the World, re-working his project Postcards from God - The Sister Wendy Musical and recently launched his own YouTube chat show Behind the Mask, also available as a podcast with extra unaired material.

Monday, 12 January 2015

#21 - Clowning Around with the Loveable Kiki Lovechild

Photo by Mr Suave

This week, Rosie was thrilled to be chatting with Kiki Lovechild. Much laughter ensued, but also chat about: Furlesque; 400 Year Old Art Forms; Do Your Parents Know What You Do??; 4 Year Old Clown Commander; Performance Seeking Missile; Song to Silence; Classical Charts into Magic; Not Traditional School; Angela de Castro; Do It Properly!; Being a Performer is Being a Business; Happy Accidents are the Best; Sweaty Accidents are Better; Chance Can Give You More Ideas; Vaudeville History Holds the Key; Kiki the Writer!!; Disturbingly Positive; Street Performance; Audiences are Mysterious; Christmas Audiences are… Different…; Giants of Negativity VS Miniature Positive Incidents; Psychology Confessional; Convoluted Passages to Performance; Escapology and Children’s Parties; Balloon Model Hoover; Kiki’s Lobotomy Business; If Something Scares You, You Should Probably Do It (Maybe); Variety of Fringes; Post-Its; Free Show Outside Kiki’s House; The Worst Show Became the Best Show; How to Respond When You Make Bad Things; Living Up To Expectations; Flabby, Uninspiring Jesus; Experiencing Art Through Posters; Can You Tell If It’s Funny?; Video Your First Outing; NSFW Fan Dance Surprise; Vaudeville Factoid: Break A Leg; Very Superstitious; Idols Watching Your Failures; You Can Accept the Applause. 

About Kiki
Kiki is a multi-skilled silent clown. Based in London, UK, he has performed his unique routines around the United Kingdom and abroad. 
Over the years thousands have enjoyed his tried and tested routines, which draw upon his training and experience in a variety of skill-sets, including mime, physical theatre, puppetry, illusion, escapology and more. 
Kiki is probably best known on the UK cabaret circuit for introducing the world to Furlesque - his quirky puppet burlesque creations. These routines have made him a regular at high profile burlesque events.
A natural performer and attention seeker, Kiki had his first regular paid performance job at the age of 8, and has polished and refined his craft a little since then. He has trained in mime with celebrated physical theatre tutor Desmond Jones, clowning with the world famous Angela de Castro, puppetry with The Little Angel Theatre and circus skills at Circus Space. While all of these have proved invaluable, nothing has taught Kiki more than years and years of experimentation in front of real world audiences. 
After many years of performing short cabaret routines, in 2013 Kiki launched his first hour long solo clown show. A brief preview of the show at Madame Jojos in February met with an enthusiastic audience response, and the run of the show at Brighton Fringe attracted good audiences and 5 star reviews, followed by a successful run in Grimsby. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

#20 - Review of the Year Part Two with Holli-Mae Johnson and Franco Milazzo

Part Two of the fantastic evening with Franco and Holli, this time talking about what a critic is, does, why we need them and how we can all just get along. In detail: Why Do We Need Critcs?; What Are They Anyway?; Critic Doesn’t Mean Criticism; Judge What You See; Attaching Your Real Name to Reviews; Attitudes Changing After Writing; Separating Art from the Artist; Quality Control; Who Do We Listen To?; FringePick; On the Same Team; How To Receive Criticism; Being Honest; Not Here To Change Your Show; Don’t Interfere With the Process; Cabaret-Specific Behaviour; Write to Franco!; Cabaret Is Not a Niche; Burlesque Criticism is Very New; Financial Independence is Literary Freedom; Events of the Year; Madame Jojo’s; Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Future; Bar Wotever; Facebook Real Name Debacle; Conchita Wurst and The Year of Drag; Draggy, Circusy Year; Panti Bliss And Her Amazing Speech; Snoop Dogg; Michael Gove Loves Chap Hop; The Bruno Story; Audience Member Really ENJOYS The Show; Being Flipped Off; Hen Party Puke; Alp Haydar is a Legend; Collective Awe; Tell the World About Greatness.

About Franco:Since 2012, Franco Milazzo has been the publisher and editor-in-chief of This Is Cabaret, the only website shortlisted for a London Cabaret Award. The Daily Beast called him "a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of the city's cabaret culture," which was kind of them. When not penning withering or enthusiastic reviews for TIC of whichever show he stayed awake through the previous night, he can be found writing music, comedy, opera, theatre and food for Londonist. This votary of cabaret enjoys good books and walks by the sea.

About Holli:Holli-Mae Johnson is the founder and editor of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, a pioneering publication created seven years ago to unite, document and celebrate the global burlesque community. Holli is actively involved in the burlesque community on a day to day basis and is privately consulted by performers and producers at every level for promotion, critique, recommendations and encouragement. As a documenter and critic, she has seen countless burlesque and variety performances from across the world and provides an intimate perspective and insight into the lives and careers of burlesque’s greatest pioneers, performers and personalities.Website: