Saturday, 22 November 2014

#17 - Fingers in Many Pies: Alexander Parsonage is Politically Savvy and Artistically Astute

This week Rosie goes underground to chat with Alexander Parsonage about: Finger in the Pie; Quitting Art School; Conceptual, Philosophical, Political; The Bollocks Myth of the Lone Genius; Hooked on Directing; KneeHigh Theatre and Magic; Bleed the University Dry; Post-University Company in Crisis; The Great Tragedy of English Theatre Education; Unhealthy Actor Lifestyle; External Revenue Source; Space and Time is Precious; Overnight Success in Cabaret; Good Direction Versus Terrible Direction; Theatre of Cold Backstage Brutality; Backing a Good Horse; Overnight Success to Overnight Flop; Threats of Litigation Lead to Breakthroughs; Publication Confusion; Cabaret =/= Theatre or Standup; The Bubble Hasn't Burst; Big Cabaret Umbrella; How Do We Survive??; European Models, Money and Barriers; International Embarrassment and Value; Low Pay No Pay and How Do We Celebrate Good Collaboration?; The Myth of the Producer; Theatre Makers = Entrepreneurs; Day Job Stigma; English Theatre is the Best in the World; Not Interested in Politics; Effective Political Voice for the Arts; Theatre About Emotion; Concurrent Realities; What Makes it All Worth It.

About Alexander:
Alexander is an award winning theatre director and co-founder of Finger in the Pie. He has worked extensively in clown, mime, visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret. His clown production – Sweeney Todd: His Life, Times and Execution! was shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award in 2009 and his follow up production Waiting for Stanley was listed in the top 10 best reviewed shows of Edinburgh 2012. He is currently working on the Mimetic Festival 2014. Alexander trained in theatre creation at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) a Lecoq based pedagogy in London.

Mimetic: 17 - Alexander Parsonage.mp3

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