Friday, 29 August 2014

#8 - She's a SuperFreak; Aurora Galore Gets Weird & Wonderful

Backstage at the Wonderground and Rosie and Aurora get down to it, weirdo to weirdo. Topics covered include: Triple Threats; Being in an Ensemble; Beginning Burlesque; Student Cushion; English Lit Geek Out; Burlesque Book Club; Following your Dream; Getting a Residency; Big Fish, Small Pond; Being Weird; Uncomfortable Realisations; Fresh Start Means More Freak; Get Inspired; Fire Fire Fire; Producing; The Power of the Mouth; The Three Serpent Circus.

About Aurora:
Winner of 'Most Innovative' Performer 2014 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Aurora Galore has been Voted one of the Top 20 UK Burlesque Performers via in 2014. She was also the Winner of Stockholm Burlesque Festival's Tassel Twirling Competition in 2013 and the Winner of Miss Paris Burlesque Festival in 2012. She is an exciting tattooed Fire and Burlesque Performer whose influences stem from Lady GaGa, Haute Couture and a wide range of dance styles. Her performances vary from dark, outlandish dance acts to fire breathing finales and burlesque parodies. Aurora has a contemporary aesthetic, a modern soundtrack, and energetic acts that are full of power and pizzazz.
Having performed on stages since the age of five, Aurora is a vivacious and exuberant entertainer whose edgy stage presence allows for both controversy and appreciation. With a combination of dance, fire and a crazy persona, Aurora is able to be an ‘electrifying 
tour de force in aggressive sensuality, brimming with the confident exuberance’ of an artiste.Aurora arrived on the scene in 2010, and has evolved in aggression, power and art. The ‘petite powerhouse’ has a style ‘still rare in London’s vintage-dominated burlesque scene and remains a unique treat' to all that watch her. Her acts portray a modern take on burlesque and illustrates a captivating sense of disruptive madness!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

#7 - Powerhouse Paul L Martin Discusses Drag & Dichotomies

Paul L Martin and Rosie sit down for a chat about all things deliciously different. This week's topics include: Being precocious; drama school drama; picking yourself up again; proving yourself; cheese dipped in mayonnaise; gaining perspective; finding your spiritual home; finding your other spiritual home; cafe connections; drag, diamonds and dirt; the darkness behind the glitter; sparkle & sawdust; being an agent; the Battersea Barge; what's on the agenda next...
About Paul:
Paul L Martin is the director of entertainment agency Excess All Areas and founder of the London Cabaret Awards.  An award-winning performer in his own right, he has worked in the industry for over 20 years as an actor, singer, producer, promoter and agent.  He has appeared as a TV talent show judge on Sky TV and created the role of Philip Salon for the Boy George musical TABOO.   Paul has shared stages with Matt Lucas, Elton John, Dame Edna, Cleo Laine and Sheryl Crow.  He teaches regularly on the art of cabaret - most noticeably with the Singers’ Cabaret Workshop  - as well as in drama schools across the country.  Paul has also written many articles and contributed to reference books on the art of cabaret.  In Time Out’s 40th birthday edition Paul was recognised for ‘his unwavering dedication to our musical and cabaret scene’; In 2006 The Stage called him ‘A King of Cabaret’ and in 2012 he was awarded the ‘Best Producer – Cabaret’ award by fringereport. There is practically nothing Paul doesn't do, and quite frankly I have no idea how he ever sleeps.

Twitter: @PaulLMartinsays

Tickets to all the shows:

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The Cabaret Convention:

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

#6 - The Fabric of Time: Odelia Opium Talks Sparkles and Stripping

Rosie and Odelia sit in her lavish studio full of sparkly costumes and talk about lots of sparkly stuff. Topics include: Living in a small town; making stuff from scratch; horrible mistakes; giant leaps; just doing it; romance!; silk dresses on the floor; Londoners love dressing up; fancy rich people houses; getting into Burlesque; ill fitting corsets; The Opium Den; community spirit; switching venues; The Opium Den returns; the WORST thing that can happen to a lady; being supported by your friends.


About Odelia Opium:
Born in the gutter, but looking at the stars, Miss Odelia Opium is a London-based burlesque performer inspired by the Jazz Age, Weimar Cabaret, the Ziegfeld Follies, decadent Victoriana and 18th century pop culture. Specializing in historical themes and period costume, she is the intoxicating time-traveller straight from the 1920s underworld!

Since 2011 she has performed at many renowned venues across London and the UK. Her unique, story-telling routines are sure to excite every audience and give you a history lesson of the sexy kind!

She is also a highly experienced maker and designer of costumes, ranging from historically accurate period costumes to modern day burlesque.  

The Opium Den:

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

#5 - Cooling Off with SuperFans Jim & Kim

Far left: Kim Roberts; Far Right: James Lee. Dead Centre: KATIE!
Taken at Cabaret Roulette's first birthday show by Rhinoa's Photography

This week Rosie has the absolute privilege of hanging out with some of the biggest fans and loveliest personalities on the London cabaret scene. They chat about: people who hate cabaret; future guests; what the scene is like; London's Lucha Libre; Benjamin Louche of the silver tongue; Your First Time; Burlesque herpes; never being alone; cabaret mafia; Benjamin Louche *again*; knowing your audience; being The Victim of a Show; when should you clap; what makes a good act; The Dark Arts; needles (sorry!); putting yourself into your act; what would make you want to see a show; friends tell friends about cabaret; sketchy mormons; extreme enthusiasm; life as a blur; cabaret flowers fix bad days.

James Lee:
London Cabaret Award nominee James Lee fell into the world of cabaret by accident in 2012 and hasn’t been able to get back out. He’s been a barely-competent doorman, a very amateur photographer and even occasionally has dabbled in the art of boylesque. Mostly though he can be seen in the audience of a show, along with a group of people he has dragged along with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Somehow this all resulted in him being nominated for a London Cabaret Award (Unsung Hero Category) in 2014. In what’s left of his spare time he likes to talk at people about beer, and allegedly does something related to climate change on weekdays. He was also nominated for a London Cabaret Award.

Kim Roberts:Kim is a creative soul and a lover of all things shiny. She stumbled upon the wonderful world of cabaret seemingly by accident by doing a favour to a friend. She has photographed some wonderfully talented performers and made a great number of friends who are now at the top of her imaginary Christmas card list! 3 years later, blinded by sequins and glitter, Kim is unable to stay away from the bright lights of vaudeville and loves to get into the spirit of things - vodka, gin, rum etc.! Kim is currently an unemployed schmo so if you want to take pity on her and offer her free tickets to your show in exchange for whoops and cheers, she can be found on Facebook! (Kim also thinks she is funny!)

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Friday, 1 August 2014

#4 - Carmen Mon Oxide, the Gateway Drug

This week Cabaret Opera singer Carmen Mon Oxide tells Rosie all about her life as a punk-loving, opera-singing cabaret performer. Topics covered include: bee-ing in an old people's home; pretending; shit choirs; being an Explainer; living in interesting places; awful offices; made up life structures; having BALLS; Cabaret Doctor; just doing it; sideshow disasters. Bonus - why Mozart is rubbish! Once you start listening you may never be able to stop...

About Carmen Mon Oxide: 

Carmen Mon Oxide is a London-based performer who combines all the best elements of opera with the excitement and glamour of the cabaret.

Providing singing which is at times hauntingly beautiful, and at others wildly funny, Carmen Mon Oxide is an incredibly versatile performer, as much at home with the music of classical composers such as Bizet and Verdi as she is with big, bold cabaret numbers. Her range of styles offer music to suit a range of events, each tinged with her distinct style of London humour and pure class. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the best cabaret opera act in town!

Twitter: @CarmenMonOxide
Facebook Page

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