Friday, 1 August 2014

#4 - Carmen Mon Oxide, the Gateway Drug

This week Cabaret Opera singer Carmen Mon Oxide tells Rosie all about her life as a punk-loving, opera-singing cabaret performer. Topics covered include: bee-ing in an old people's home; pretending; shit choirs; being an Explainer; living in interesting places; awful offices; made up life structures; having BALLS; Cabaret Doctor; just doing it; sideshow disasters. Bonus - why Mozart is rubbish! Once you start listening you may never be able to stop...

About Carmen Mon Oxide: 

Carmen Mon Oxide is a London-based performer who combines all the best elements of opera with the excitement and glamour of the cabaret.

Providing singing which is at times hauntingly beautiful, and at others wildly funny, Carmen Mon Oxide is an incredibly versatile performer, as much at home with the music of classical composers such as Bizet and Verdi as she is with big, bold cabaret numbers. Her range of styles offer music to suit a range of events, each tinged with her distinct style of London humour and pure class. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the best cabaret opera act in town!

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