Monday, 29 September 2014

#12 - Miss Glory Pearl Reveals Everything

Photo by Sin Bozkurt

This week Rosie talks to the sensational Miss Glory Pearl about many topics: Performance Artistry but Not the Vagina Kind; Saddle Up; Blagging Academia; Teacher to Stripper; Yoga Wanker; Taking Care of Yourself; Sexy Pole vs Sporty Pole; Humans Are Sexy; Sacred Women Goddess Energy; Sanitized Sexuality in Burlesque; Strip Club Preconceptions Shattered; Ostracising Sexy People; Cookie Cutters and Comic Burlesque; Burlesque Purists; Don't Apologise for Anything; Getting into Circus; Waxed Stage of Doom; Enforced Vulnerability and Questioning Your Identity; Hosting Marathon; Comedy Clothing Conundrum; The Way Burlesque Has Changed; The Naked Stand up; Ring of Shame and Acceptance; Einstein's Eyebrow Issues; Media Coverage; Don't Read the Comments!; Floodgates Are Open Now; Philosophical Titting About Onstage.

About Miss Glory Pearl:
Miss Glory Pearl is a burlesque maverick; part clown, part acrobat, part showgirl, she creates genre-defying acts that blend traditional British burlesque, pole dance, static trapeze and aerial hoop with humour, sparkle, and a healthy dose of British self-deprecation. She began performing professionally in 2008, won a Best UK Newcomers award at the 2009 London Burlesque Festival and has since appeared at burlesque festivals and prestigious venues across the globe. A regular feature of the UK cabaret scene, Miss Pearl is an accomplished compere, stand-up comedian, character comedian, and burlesque and cabaret artist. In 2014 she wrote and produced her first one-woman stand-up comedy show, The Naked Stand Up, which garnered critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show, which is performed naked throughout, is a funny and heart-felt exploration of body issues and beauty in the twenty-first century that will be performed on 18th November, 8:30pm in The Vaults at Waterloo as part of the Mimetic Festival in London.


Mimetic Festival (performance on November 18th, 8:30pm): 13 - Glory Pearl Test.mp3


  1. Hello! Don't know much about podcast tech, but wondered if there's a way that the 'what's in this episode' tags could link to the appropriate place in the recording? Loving your work though :)

  2. Well hey there! Thanks so much for your comment and your kind words.

    I'm afraid I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to technology (you should have seen how many hours I've spent on RSS feeds...) so I have no idea if there's a way to link the tags to the times in the episode. I just type out what we talk about with funny titles as I listen back!

    It's certainly a good idea, and worth investigating so I'll try to find a way :)

    Thanks for listening! xxx