Saturday, 16 August 2014

#6 - The Fabric of Time: Odelia Opium Talks Sparkles and Stripping

Rosie and Odelia sit in her lavish studio full of sparkly costumes and talk about lots of sparkly stuff. Topics include: Living in a small town; making stuff from scratch; horrible mistakes; giant leaps; just doing it; romance!; silk dresses on the floor; Londoners love dressing up; fancy rich people houses; getting into Burlesque; ill fitting corsets; The Opium Den; community spirit; switching venues; The Opium Den returns; the WORST thing that can happen to a lady; being supported by your friends.


About Odelia Opium:
Born in the gutter, but looking at the stars, Miss Odelia Opium is a London-based burlesque performer inspired by the Jazz Age, Weimar Cabaret, the Ziegfeld Follies, decadent Victoriana and 18th century pop culture. Specializing in historical themes and period costume, she is the intoxicating time-traveller straight from the 1920s underworld!

Since 2011 she has performed at many renowned venues across London and the UK. Her unique, story-telling routines are sure to excite every audience and give you a history lesson of the sexy kind!

She is also a highly experienced maker and designer of costumes, ranging from historically accurate period costumes to modern day burlesque.  

The Opium Den:

This is a baby podcast, and we'd like you to help us nourish it into a strong, fully-fledged adult podcast. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please either comment on the blog below, or SEND ROSIE AN EMAIL!

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