Tuesday, 7 April 2015

# 28 - Smashing Preconceptions And The Fourth Wall With The Phenomenon That Is Lolo Brow

Rosie experiences the phenomenon of Lolo Brow. Conversation includes exciting noises as well as some of these topics: Not Exactly Academic; No One Else But Me; Young Typecasting; The Search for Maureen; Balloon Pop Beginnings; Addictive Performance; Mentored by Laurie Hagen; Backstage Etiquette; Burlesque Olympics; Nigella the Gateway; Giving the Audience Control; DERANGIUM!; Producers that Take the Piss; Performance, Worth and Interaction; Games and METAGAMES; Drag, Gender and The Best Cat Ever; Lizard Lolo and Scary Politics; Club Work, Club Hours, Negotiating the Lifestyle; Dating and Disasters; Profile Experiment; Bombarded with Shit; OkCupid is Ok!; Poly Party; Brilliant Nibbles; Paint With All The Colours of the Gin; Easier to Hate than Change.

About Lolo

Lolo Brow is an Awarding winning Neo-Burlesque artist, sideshow performer, sparkly drag King and Lizard Lady. With skills ranging from Classical dance to lying on a bed of nails, right through to butchery, Lolo is more than well equipped to Lower the Tone of any evening.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CabaretDerangium
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lolobrow
Derangium: www.cabaretderangium.com