Friday, 25 July 2014

#3 - Seven Trick Pony: Gemma Layton Talks Characters and Comedy

In this week's episode of the Vaudeville Broadcast, Rosie Kohl chats to character comedienne Gemma Layton about lots of things. Highlights include: TIE flying low; University vs. Drama School; showing your hands to strangers; open mic nights - risk and reward; EXTREME LONELINESS; laughing in the face of death; Going Viral; Shopping in Lidl; FunBags; Netflix ruining productivity; crying in the dark; the Edinburgh Fringe; seeking validation from strangers; social awkwardness; being really, really lazy; and tits. 

Note From Rosie: Sorry about the sound quality in some bits! Interviewing in a busy bar after a show is not the best for podcasting. Hopefully our content makes up for it... 

About Gemma Layton: 
Gemma Layton is f'in awesome and you should check out her website for all the amazing things she does. Actress, Comedian, Writer, generally quite amazing person. Her comedy alter-ego, Mercedes Benson, went viral last year with Youtube Hit 'Shopping in Lidl' which you can see here:

Twitter: @flutterbyjunkie
Edinburgh Show:
Mercedes Benson introduces five of her closest friends…well, close-ish…ok, she hardly knows them. But she has it on good authority that they’re alright.

Be dazzled by the sparkling Beverley Vegas, have your life transformed by Carol-Ann, get yourself a lucrative little sideline courtesy of Lady Gallop, ponder life-beyond earth or simply enjoy afternoon tea with Jennifer. A multi-media character comedy show with songs and sandwiches.

Mercedes’ alter-ego, Gemma Layton, is a Laughing Horse and Funny Woman semi-finalist and her music video “Shopping in Lidl” recently went viral… in a good way.

AUGUST 1st - 23rd August (8th, 13th, 20th off) 2.30pm - Edinburgh Fringe, Part of La Favorita Freestival
St John's: Space 2, 9 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2HE. Venue 202


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