Tuesday, 24 February 2015

#25 - Comedy's Power Couple: Lindsay Sharman and Laurence Owen (Part 1)

Laurence Owen (Photo: Luke Capasso) and Lindsay Sharman

Double the fun as Rosie has the extreme pleasure of chatting with Laurence and Lindsay about ALL THE THINGS: Auditions; Childhood Stardom; Costume Dramas; Practice When You Have No Life; Anti-University Acting Career; Music Hall for Aggressive Old People; Performance Keeps You Sane; 1927 Theatre Company Hiring for Niceness; Amanda Fucking Palmer; Music Scene Rage and Fragile Men; Tangents; Funny Dinner Time; Compering Tips; Mime-ning?; The Plagiarism Office; Cambridge Shakespeare Festival; Getting Proper Jobs; Don't Spend It All At Once; Circle of Drinking; Definitely a Thing; Edinburgh Fringe Titanic Experience; The End of Speed Relationship; Invisible Sweet Venues; Drunken Edinburgh Pouncing; Really Good Chip Shop; Lindsay Puppet Master Extraordinaire; Emotional Stripping; Similar Career Paths; Cross-Genre Skills; Confidence In Shtick; Glitzy Land; Absurd Dick Jokes; Too Laid Back... stay tuned for Part 2!

About Laurence

2014 Musical Comedy Awards finalist Laurence Owen has been a staple of the comedy and cabaret circuits since early 2012.

Backed either by his trademark shrunken guitar or a canned cinematic orchestra, Laurence's musical style is unusually dramatic and far-reaching for a comedy act, and is packed with melodramatic storytelling, spiky observations and meticulous attention to detail.
Laurence made his solo debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 with his hour-long show, Lullabies Of Pervland. He is currently working on his second show, Cinemusical, which will debut in 2015.
Aside from comedy, he is also an award-winning film and theatre composer. Visit his composer website, www.laurenceowen.co.uk for details.
Website http://www.mrlaurenceowen.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mrlaurenceowen
Twitter https://twitter.com/laurenceowen
Album http://mrlaurenceowen.bandcamp.com/

About Lindsay

Website http://www.lindsaysharman.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lindsay.sharman
Twitter https://twitter.com/lindsaysharman
Book http://www.lindsaysharman.com/#!buy-my-book/c341


Saturday, 7 February 2015

#24 - Glorious Hooray Cabaret Havoc with Victoria Kember and Verity Lewis

Verity Lewis and Victoria Kember

Rosie gets a dose of double trouble with the fabulous Verity and Victoria. They chat about: Different Backgrounds; Door Woman in Disguise; Finding The One; Party and a Show; Cabaret Family; Comedians Understanding Burlesque and Vice Versa; Complimentary Art Forms; Resident Performers; Boobs Falling Out; Cavendish Arms Again!; Little Mistress Shows; ALL the Glitter; Getting the Funny Character; Performance Art (Spaced Reference); Dark Burlesque; Food-Related Weirdness; Car Boot Cabaret; Self-Promotion; Where Do You Go?; Back At School; Pure Determination; Enjoying Organisation; Exes Swap Shop; Shit Raffles; No Pregnancy Tests, No Pubes; January Crying; Women in Comedy - What Does Equality Look Like?; Never Get Your Tits Out; Tiring to Talk About It; Stepping Into The Male Dominated Space; Admitting We Have Some Privileges; Hobbyist Burlesque Experiences; Nice Surprises, Nice Scene; Opportunities Through Hobbies; It's Never Been Done Before; Just Do A Role; Bras Don't Play Nice; Willy Wonka's Scotch Eggs; Twitter and Facebook!

About Verity and Victoria

Hooray Cabaret is a fabulous and irreverent show held at one of London's quirkiest venues, Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch. Co-producer and host Victoria Kember studied Alternative Theatre at University, then joined a theatre company 'Ovaplay' before taking her debut show 'Where Have All The Ladies Gone?' to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, about which the critics said:

"This is a rare gem, a miniature tour de force"
"Her hilarious satire of current class-based attitudes and prejudices, beautifully complemented by an engaging physical performance, struck just the right note"
"She exploited her powerful stage presence and sexual magnetism with an intelligence and sophistication that the preceding act entirely lacked"

Victoria is now heavily involved in the comedy scene, performing stand-up and hosting cabaret as well as creating bespoke burlesque and comedy events around the capital with VV Events.

In 2013, Victoria joined forced with cabaret regular and sometime burlesque performer Verity Lewis. A graduate of Little Lady Luscious, Verity has performed and stage managed as VeeVee Semillon at many of London’s most prominent cabaret venues. Both dressed as men when they first met, it was three months before Victoria and Verity really knew what the other looked like. But somehow they knew it would be the start of something beautiful and in the past 18 months, Hooray Cabaret and VV Events have become just that.

With a different theme each month, Hooray brings you the best in new comedy, burlesque and musical talent. In recent months Hooray has taken us to the circus, the summer festival and the B-movies, got married and spent Christmas at Nana's. In 2014 alone, their stage was graced by The Independent and Guardian's 'one to watch', comedian Dane Baptiste, critically-acclaimed cabaret artist Frank Sanazi and BBC Radio New Comedy finalist Tom Ward, as well as Burlesque Idol 2014 winner, Pearl Grey and runner-up, Good Ness Gracious. The next show on 26th February will bring you the anti-Valentine's exes swap-shop. See their Facebook page for more.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/QueenOfArtsCabaret
Twitter: twitter.com/hooraycabaret