Friday, 6 March 2015

#27 - Paul L Martin Returns for The London Cabaret Awards

It's awards season! Rosie gets all the juicy gossip from the man behind it all, Paul L Martin... discussion topics this week are: Leaving the Barge, Sticking With Performance; Madame Jojo's (RIP); Going Up Against Big Money; Tiers of Cabaret; Where's the Middle Gone?; Performance Persona Development; Getting Rid of the Script; Panto!; AWARDS!; The Journey of the Ceremony; The Oscars; Raising the Bar; No Apologies, Not Perfect; Panel Selection; Hard Decisions; Transparency and Feedback; People *do* Care!; We Want Your Feedback; When Judges Are Selected; Odd Choices; Biggest Doofus Award; Songbook VS Cabaret; The Explosion of Drag; LCA Tickets - Increasing Accessibility; The People Who Should Be There Can Afford It; Cabaret Convention.

About Paul:
Paul L Martin is the director of entertainment agency Excess All Areas and founder of the London Cabaret Awards.  An award-winning performer in his own right, he has worked in the industry for over 20 years as an actor, singer, producer, promoter and agent.  He has appeared as a TV talent show judge on Sky TV and created the role of Philip Salon for the Boy George musical TABOO.   Paul has shared stages with Matt Lucas, Elton John, Dame Edna, Cleo Laine and Sheryl Crow.  He teaches regularly on the art of cabaret - most noticeably with the Singers’ Cabaret Workshop  - as well as in drama schools across the country.  Paul has also written many articles and contributed to reference books on the art of cabaret.  In Time Out’s 40th birthday edition Paul was recognised for ‘his unwavering dedication to our musical and cabaret scene’; In 2006 The Stage called him ‘A King of Cabaret’ and in 2012 he was awarded the ‘Best Producer – Cabaret’ award by fringereport. There is practically nothing Paul doesn't do, and quite frankly I have no idea how he ever sleeps.

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