Tuesday, 3 March 2015

#26 - Comedy's Power Couple: Laurence Owen and Lindsday Sharman (part 2)

Laurence Owen and Lindsay Sharman

Laurence and Lindsay return to talk about: Eyebrow Choreography; Intense Focus and Stupid Hecklers; People's Front of Cabaret vs Cabaret People's Front; Allowed to Call Yourself a Professional; Dead Inside - Broken by Comedy; Richard Herring is Super Nice; Nice People Get Ahead; Become The Thing You Say You Are; Mentally Buoyant; Crying Week; How to Work an Edinburgh Audience; Lube Your Audience Up; Would You Rather?; The Big Question; Comedy Sexy or Actual Sexy; And My Head Fell Off; Questioning Your Life Choices; Fighting for Approval and Gender Disparity; Storming Offstage and Doing the Right Thing; First Ever Gig and Musical Comedy Awards; Books and Albums.

About Lindsay

Website http://www.lindsaysharman.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lindsay.sharman
Twitter https://twitter.com/lindsaysharman

Book http://www.lindsaysharman.com/#!buy-my-book/c341

About Laurence

2014 Musical Comedy Awards finalist Laurence Owen has been a staple of the comedy and cabaret circuits since early 2012.

Backed either by his trademark shrunken guitar or a canned cinematic orchestra, Laurence's musical style is unusually dramatic and far-reaching for a comedy act, and is packed with melodramatic storytelling, spiky observations and meticulous attention to detail.
Laurence made his solo debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 with his hour-long show, Lullabies Of Pervland. He is currently working on his second show, Cinemusical, which will debut in 2015.
Aside from comedy, he is also an award-winning film and theatre composer. Visit his composer website, www.laurenceowen.co.uk for details.
Website http://www.mrlaurenceowen.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mrlaurenceowen
Twitter https://twitter.com/laurenceowen
Album http://mrlaurenceowen.bandcamp.com/


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