Friday, 30 January 2015

#23 - Thai Beginnings to Happy Endings with Lilly SnatchDragon

This week, Rosie and Lilly discuss the very important topic of how to get a UK Passport, as well as: Thai Lady; Best Weight Loss; Eco-Friendly Washing Machines; Pride and Prejudice; The Three Aspects of Lilly; Attention Grabbing Hooker; World Theatre Vs. Acting; Creative Geniuses and Roleplay Games; Forgetting Stage Combat is Pretend Fighting; Chinese Water Sleeves; Jack of All Trades; Did He SAY That?!; Eyes Wide Open; Total Life Turn Around; Surprise Prejudice; Western Stereotypical Views of East Asian Women; Racism Actually Happens; Being From Everywhere; England is COLD; Interesting Interpretation of Finders Keepers; Saving Up for Burlesque; Burlesque with Traditional Art Forms; What Do You Find Offensive Onstage; Rubyyy and Cairo Co-Opt Lilly; Limitations We Place On Ourselves; Body Image; Friends Feeding Confidence; Not In the Memo; English Breakfast; Baked Bean Phobia; Kittening; Creating a Character; Calling Out Racists; Lilly is Filthy; How Far Can I Push It; Drag as Abstract; SM to Compere; No Longer a SideKick; Lilly Lab!; Kudos for Comperes; Loads of Exciting Stuff Happening; Stage Euphoria; Bad is Not Bad; See Lilly Live!

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