Friday, 5 September 2014

#9 - Canada's Finest Export Vivacity Bliss Produces the Goods

Rosie and Vivacity spend a lot of this podcast nerding out about theatre and performance. This week's topics include: Producing; Finishing a Performance Career; Not a Natural Redhead; Being Big in Ipswich; Theatre as an Athletic Pursuit; Making Out with Movie Stars; Balloon Bopping; Foresight; How to Avoid Future Bitterness; Moving to Mexico - and then London; Becoming a Burlesquer; Challenging Your Relationship With Your Body; Owning an Idea; Birthing Roulette; Artist or Performer?; Lilly Snatchdragon as Compere!; Intergalactic and Philip K Dick; Killing Vivacity; Being Proud of Your Work.

About Vivacity:Now most known as the producer of Cabaret Roulette, Vivacity Bliss has stolen hearts and teased minds with her intelligent, sexy brand of cabaret, gorgeous voice and inimitable sense of humour. With a wealth of experience in theatre - both front and back of house - and not one, but TWO Masters degrees, this lady is a fabulous, vibrant presence on the UK cabaret circuit and goddammit are we gonna keep her! Even if she does have it out for cute baby seals.

Thanks for listening, performance fan! If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please either comment on the blog below or SEND ROSIE AN EMAIL!

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