Friday, 19 September 2014

#11 - Dancewhore, Libertine, Actor, Drag Queen: the Multifaceted Michael Twaits


Rosie has the immense pleasure of getting to chat to the excessively talented Michael Twaits. Topics include: Drag as a Child; Drama Schooling; Year Out But Not Off; Life in LA; Inside Out not Outside In; Plastic Surgery Culture; Bizarre Casting Decisions; Making your Own Showcase; Assessed Gin & Tonics; 'End of the Pier' Drag; Soho Theatre; TimeOut LGBT Loss; RuPaul Gets Fishy; Changing Scenes and Performance Art; Lipsync is BACK; Performance Art in the Drag Arena; Pounding Faces; Occupying a Niche; Taking the Fear Out of Drag; New Show With Money; Mentors Sowing Seeds; Seven Year Regeneration; Best & Worst Onstage Moments; Don't Applaud That Cunt; Variable Drag Queen Workshop Time.

About Michael:
Michael Twaits is a performance artist, actor and writer, and his work focuses on combining live art, cabaret and theatre. He has created various solo theatre works including: Confessions of a Dancewhore (Trafalgar Studios/OvalHouse & Tour) Icons (Soho theatre), The One You Love (OvalHouse), The Red Shoes (Mimetic) and is currently developing new full length follow/sequel up to Confessions. As an actor Michael's appeared in NBC's Dracula, films like 'What You Looking At?' and 'The Hindsight Bias'. Michael's a veteran of the London Cabaret Scene and you can catch him regularly at Cellar Door, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Madame Jojos. Sometimes in sequins, sometimes not.

Drag Workshops:
New show:

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