Friday, 12 September 2014

#10 - Little Lady Luscious Gets to the Point(e)

A long time friend and cabaret pal, Little Lady Luscious, sits down with Rosie for a good old chat. Topics include: Ballet Days; Pro Stage Management; Prettiest Street in Newcastle; Best Secret Santa Ever; Taking Over the Road; Preferential Van Treatment; International Creativity; Racially Insensitive Ballet; Enjoying Yourself; Disney Burlesque; Backstage Cameraderie; Interesting Stages; Producing Journeys and Going Back Up Ladders; Sneezy the Dwarf; Rosie Reveals a Worst Moment; Amazing Performers at LLL's New Cabaret Night; Gin and Glitter.

About Little Lady Luscious:
Possibly the world’s tinest dancer, a beautiful Ballet and Burlesque performer.  Little Lady Luscious began life as Little Miss in New Zealand as a classical Burlesque performer.  On her return to the UK she changed her name and style.  Trained in Classical Ballet she has returned to her roots and her routines are now performed en pointe.  As a ballerina she fell in love with her pointe shoes.  So she dusted them off and began to combine Classical Ballet and Classical Burlesque.  Creating beautiful routines which tell stories of love, loss, strength and Doctor Who.

A regular performer at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell and Battersea Mess and Music Hall.  She has performed all over London in such places as Madame JoJos, Paper Dress Vintage, Roxy Bar and Screen and Battersea Barge.  She has performed at Cabaret Roulette, Finger in the Pie Cabaret, Cheese n’ Crackers, Cavalcade of Cabaret, the World Burlesque Games and London Burlesque Festival.

Luscious Cabaret:

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