Friday, 11 July 2014

Podcast the First: Fire, Fusion and Essential Life Skills with Trixi Tassels

In this inaugural episode of the podcast, Rosie and Trixi chat about learning bellydance in New Zealand; going over to the dark side; belly vs. burly; tassel twirling and giant tits; professional polish; what makes a good performer; essential tips for making good fusion; burlesque boot camp; and the essential question: Why do artists Art?

About Trixi:
With her cheeky personality and killer curves, Trixi Tassels defected from the bellydance camp in 2008 and joined the hedonistic world of burlesque peelers and shakers. Quite possibly the most talented tassel twirler performing today, her skills of single, double, syncronised and alternating twirls must be seen to be believed. Discovering that everything is more fun when you set it on fire, her signature fire-strip involves burning off her corset and setting her tassels ablaze! Trixi has wowed audiences around the world including Stockholm, Paris, Hamburg & Melbourne and is currently based in London, UK. Visit her website for more info, upcoming performances and loads of amazing pictures and video, find her on twitter, or mosey on over to her facebook fan page!

About your host, Rosie Kohl:Gypsy, circus freak, musician, dancer; Rosie travels the globe as something of an artistic nomad, performing for all and sundry. It started when she picked up a violin as a child and began scratching away and has grown into the multi-disciplinary hydra you see before you, a monstrous fusion of belly dance, live music and good old-fashioned theatrics.
She has performed extensively in London and the UK with brief forays into Times Square, New York and Las Vegas, the shiniest cities of them all. Sometimes she takes up with travelling circuses, and sometimes she runs dance workshops, and sometimes she sits in her studio wondering why she is writing her bio in third person.

This is a baby podcast, and we'd like you to help us nourish it into a strong, fully-fledged adult podcast. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please either comment on the blog below, or SEND ROSIE AN EMAIL!

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