Saturday, 15 November 2014

#16 - The Quintuple Threat That Is Rubyyy Jones

Inspiring and inspired human performance tornado Rubyyy Jones hashes it out with Rosie this week on SO MANY TOPICS! They are: Fluid Performance Artistry; Compartmentalised Training; Six Hundred Applicants, Thirty Places; Triple Threats and Triple Pirouettes; Peers Are Teachers Too; Christmas Graduates and Cocaine; Segregated From the World; Smash Your Own Space!; You Can Do What You Want in Cabaret As Long As It's Considered; Career By Numbers; PrePrepared Life in the UK (Kinda); Seeing ALL of Canada... Seeing Too Much of Canada; Know Your Enemy a.k.a Being an Agent; Sad in a Gorgeous Appartment; Not a Nun Kinda Gal; Finding Your Voice(Over); Finding Your Written Voice; Pressure to be a Yes Man; Sticking to Your Guns and Being Willful; Sexual Awakenings Through Celibacy; Masturbation for SCIENCE; Falling in Love With Your Body; Expectations Surrounding Sex; A Force of Nature; LAZER TORNADO!; Living Too Much as Your Persona; Save Rubyyy Jones; Conversations With the Universe; Critique Sandwich; Tournament of Tease; Not Limited by Personal Brand; Cabatheatre; English Breakfast Bathroom; Slow and Steady; Barter Systems; Safe Stages and Winning People Over.

About Rubyyy
Rubyyy Jones is an all singing, dancing, stripping force of nature! A big fat fabulous queer Canadian with an extensive theatre and dance background she has been smashing up the cabaret scene for the last four years as a solo artist, compere, writer, activist, choreographer and mentor. An award winning performer, ranked Top 20 in the UK in 21st Century Burlesque list 2014, and an innovative producer, profiled in The Sunday Times Magazine, Rubyyy brings her brand of love, lust and light with flare, glitter and fight.

Mimetic Festival:

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